Hi, my name is Stephanie Sey and I am a Consultant Trichologist - to put it simply, a hair and scalp expert. I trained with the Institute of Trichologists and I am an Associate Member. My first degree was in Law and I have worked in the insurance industry for more than 10 years.

You might wonder why a legal graduate retrained and went into Trichology. Well, it is mainly for two reasons:

  1. Losing my hair at age 14
  2. Being caught in the vicious cycle of hair abuse for the next 16 years – my hair would grow back and then I would suffer from hair loss again.

I figured that if this was a problem for me then there were hundreds of  women who were also suffering from the same plight. Speaking to friends and family and seeing people flock online to get more information about their hair confirmed my suspicions. People are still passing on myths and old wives tales when it comes to the care of our hair. In our drive to hide, straighten, slick back, weave up our hair we have forgotten how to take care of it.

The effect of losing my hair at a young age had a profound effect on my teenage years and my confidence. It was also sad that there was no one who could properly guide me or my mother as to how to return my hair to good health.

With this is mind I decided I wanted to try and help people who were suffering from hair loss. I think that unless it happens to you, you do not actually know the effect of having no hair can have on an individual.

Whilst my focus is to re-educate women in the black community about healthy hair practices, I am conscious that hair loss does not only affect black women. In fact hair loss does not discriminate. It affects men and women of all races which is why I am not limited to only treating black women.

With my experience first-hand at dealing with hair loss and my comprehensive training, I am certain that I can help you with your hair and scalp concerns.


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